5% - 8% Yttria Stabilized Zirconia


5mol% and 8mol% Yttria Stabilized Zirconia for fine ceramic that requires a high ionic conductivity, strong thermal shock resistance, fracture toughness, and superior corrosion resistance.

Schema of Electrolyte, fuel electrode and air electrode
CY8Z are 8mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia powders made by chemical process. As, fully stabilized zirconia powders, CY8Z provides excellent ionic conductive ceramics thanks to oxygen ion transporting. Meaning only oxygen ions can pass through its structure, this allows it to be used in applications like active membranes or solid electrolyte for Solid Oxide Cells. The high purity (>99.9%) and the possibility to tune reactivity and particle size enable to fit your process needs in terms of shaping method but also sintering temperature in order to ensure the best densification. Density being the key for an enhanced conductivity but also mechanical behavior.
Y2O3 (wt%) 14
Al2O3 (wt%) /
SSA (m²/g) 7 - 20
D50 (µm) 0.2 - 0.4
Ceramic Density >5.9
Sintering Recommendation 1500°C - 2hrs

Others size distributions and specific surface areas can be developed upon request.

Oxygen Sensor
CY5Z grade is a high purity 5 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia powders (>99,9%) made by chemical process. The tight control of the powder characteristics enables the manufacturing of ceramic parts and coatings, cumulating mechanical strength and other features such as such as ionic conductivity, thermal barrier properties and/or thermal shock resistance. 

CY5Z is a dry sub-micron powders used for ceramic made by usual manufacturing process (tape casting, injection molding, additive manufacturing, casting, thermal spray deposition or coating) and available as:

  • CY5Z-NA with alumina for improved sintering ability
  • CY5Z-NS without alumina

CY5Z powders has been tailored for applications such as oxygen sensors or thermal barrier coatings.

Y2O3 (wt%) 8.5
Al2O3 (wt%) / 3
SSA (m²/g) 8
D50 (µm) 0.4
Ceramic Density >5.9
Electrical Resistivity at 300°C (Ω.cm) 1.64x104
Sintering Recommendation 1450°C - 2hrs