Battery Materials


Lithium ion batteries are complex material systems that store and supply electrical energy. They are used in an increasing number of applications, including portable tools, mobile devices and of course hybrid and electric vehicles. They have become the key elements in the development of these new applications.


To support these developments, the technical challenges are to develop more powerful batteries, with increased capacity, longer lifetime, shorter charging times and lighter weight, through the development of new materials for the different parts of the battery cells (anode, cathode, electrolyte and separator). Very often, these material require very fine particle sizes to offer the highest performance. 


Ceramic Beads for Ultrafine Grinding

Saint-Gobain ZirPro supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality ceramic beads for the ultrafine or nano-milling of battery materials :

  • Zirmil®Y is recognized as the reference in the milling of battery materials : cathode materials (LFP), anode materials (Si-C composites), separators materials and electrolyte additives achieve their highest performance thanks to the fine and precise particle size distributions that are achieved.
  • Ultimil are Tungsten Carbide based milling beads. They are the latest innovation of Saint-Gobain ZirPro in the field of high-energy nano-milling. With the highest density on the market (15g/cm3), a binder-free composition ensuring minimum wear and sizes below 100µm, Ultimil is a real breakthrough in milling medias, that will define the new standards in high-energy nano-milling applications !

ZirPro also offers High Purity Zirconium oxide powders for lithium batteries, used as additives for NMC cathode materials or as raw materials in the manufacturing of solid electrolytes.

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ZirPro Active Battery Materials

Active Battery Materials

ZirPro is happy to present you its newest video explaining how our products can help you go further, and maximize your battery performances!