Ceramics for Friction


Brake pad specifications go far beyond the simple stopping of a vehicle in motion.

Other important requirements include low noise emission, low dust generation, respect for environmental regulations and maintaining pad physical integrity while braking. New ingredients like zirconia are continuously being added into brake pad formulations to meet the more demanding specifications. 


Due to its mild abrasiveness, zirconia powder is incorporated into brake pad formulation to modify the friction coefficient as well as to reduce the brake pad wear. Saint-Gobain ZirPro supplies zirconia powders made of particles with unique dendritic morphology that provide better cohesion between the polymeric resin and zirconia particles. ZirGrip powders are ultra-pure, enabling stable friction performance as well as compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations.

ZirGrip powders from d50 of 1.5 µm up to 7 µm

ZirGrip powders range from d50 of 1.5 µm up to d50 of 7 µm with narrow particle size distributions that prevent resin starvation as well as rotor scratching.  As an established supplier in the marketplace, ZirPro adheres to the highest standards of production to guarantee the continuous supply and consistent quality of ZirGrip.

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