Microblast B120

Surface Finishing


Surface finishing by bead blasting is a productive and flexible process for texturizing surfaces. This treatment is used for aesthetical purposes or for other functions such as cleanability, tribology and corrosion resistance. Selecting the optimum blasting media is critical to obtain the desired texture pattern. Media selection also greatly influences the process consistency and its operating conditions.

Market-leading surface finishing technology

ZirPro offers a unique range of ceramic blasting beads to achieve a wide variety of finishes on metallic surfaces. Microblast®'s and Microshot YZs fine sizes and specific spherical shapes allow for the production of aesthetical cosmetic finishes with the smoothest submicronic roughness for satin surfaces. The high density Microshot YZ are specifically adapted for the finishing of harder metal substrates (Titabium, Magnesium for example).

Thanks to their larger sizes, Zirblast®'s ceramic beads are the media of choice for coarser surface textures. ZirPro also offers angular media suitable for the surface finishing of glass products, and even plastics and composite products. Zirgrit F, which is a zirconia silica composite grain, provides for instance smooth finishing of glass substrates and represent an environmentally attractive alternative to chemical etching..

Other grits can be co-developed for specific applications, with modificed chemical compositions and/or size distributions, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects ! With tight control over particle size distribution, Zirpro’s ceramic beads and grits ensure an outstanding reproducibility of surface finish, for a uniform surface on the whole blasted area as well as consistency from piece to piece in mass production series.


Superior performance in cosmetic finishing 

Map - ZirPro

ZirPro ceramic beads and grits lead to unequalled blasting results in terms of:

  •  Quality of smooth and satin surface finish
  •  Wide range of roughness, gloss and color
  •  No abrasion and low distortion of intricate shapes and fine geometries
  •  Process consistency for mass production and surface treatment of large areas
  •  Optimal compatibility with downstream processes (anodizing, coating)

ZirPro offers technical support to assist customers in optimizing their cosmetic finishing process and in developing ceramic media specifically designed for their application.