Thermal barrier coating


Diesel, gas and turbine engines are being operated at increasingly higher temperatures to improve combustion performance and reduce environmental impact, especially in the aerospace and land-based power industries. To maintain system reliability at these higher temperatures, ceramics protective coatings are part of the design and operation.  

Zirconia-based ceramic coatings, usually stabilized with dopants like yttria, have demonstrated superior performance in providing the best combination of thermal insulation, wear, oxidation and corrosion resistance. In addition to their chemical properties, these ceramic thermal barrier coatings are capable of forming the microstructure and porosity necessary to achieve optimum performance. 

Saint-Gobain ZirPro offers a comprehensive range of zirconium oxide powders to meet the needs of the coating process:

  • Monoclinic Zirconias from the CC, CS, and CF families offer a combination of chemical purity, particle size distribution  and reactivity. In addition to fine particle size distributions, CZ and CZP grades offer higher chemical purity (>99,9%) for increased durability of the ceramic coatings.
  • Yttrium stabilized zirconias are obtained by chemical processes to meet the highest chemical purity standards. For more information, please contact us

All coatings technologies can be addressed with ZirPro 

ZirPro powders are suitable for the three major methods of coating:

  • Air plasma spray using zirconia-based hollow spheres, fused and crushed grains, or agglomerated and sintered granules
  • Electron beam physical vapor deposition (EBPVD) using pre-sintered ingots
  • Suspension plasma spray uses stable suspensions of sub-micron zirconium oxide powders
Thermal Barrier Coatings