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Lithium Battery Materials

Lithium-ion battery cells are composed by a positive electrode, cathode, and a negative electrode being the anode, connected by an electrolyte. Zirconia powders are core materials for Lithium-ion cells as they are used both in actual solutions like classical NMC battery, but also in tomorrow’s technologies such as Solid State Battery

The final performances of the lithium-ion accumulator are mainly driven by the cathode performances (power density, energy density, temperature resistance, aging regarding charge/discharge cycles…). NMC batteries are found in most electric cars. However, during cycling the NMC cathode undergoes several alterations and especially a modification of the surface structure.

Cathode NMC materials

Doping NMC with Zirconium oxide is a solution to keep the performances at the higher level. ZrO2 will protect the NCM structure, improve cycling stability and rate capability cycle but also improve electrochemical performances and consequently the Li+ transport.

CZE powders are monoclinic zirconia, chemically processed fine grades combining high reactivity and purity. CZE are engineered with loose powder state, easy to operate for dry blending and doping process. Different powders grades have been designed to meet different calcination conditions. The graph below shows our recommended grades depending on the calcination temperature. 

Other monoclinic zirconia grades are available on our page, Monoclinic Zirconia, and beyond the commercially available grades, other size distributions and specific surface areas can be developed upon request. 


All Solid State Battery (ASSB)

The critical element in the development of this type of cell is the Solid State Electrolyte (SSE), which must provide high ionic conductivity, low grain boundary resistance, good densification and low electronic conductivity. Most of the current solutions are based on zirconium derived materials, used as fillers in Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) or as starting materials for Inorganic Solid Electrolyte (ISE).  

ZirPro offers different monoclinic zirconia powders that can be used for the production of materials like LLZO Garnet, NASICON or Halide grains.

ZirPro Active Battery Materials

Active Battery Materials

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