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Surface Preparation


For surface preparation, blasting is an efficient and economical industrial process. Blasting creates a rough profile on a metallic surface to facilitate subsequent treatment such as painting or coating.  Surface preparation often is performed with angular abrasive media that shear deeply into the metallic material. 

Ceramic beads provide specific roughness profiles with low material removal as well as no surface contamination. 

Offering unique physical properties and a wide range of sizes, Saint-Gobain ZirPro Zirblast® and Microblast® ceramic beads as well as Zirgrit ceramic grains, are used for surface preparation in many types of blasting equipment ranging from air pressure projection systems to wheel turbine machines.


Ceramic media enhance the coating process

The selection of abrasive media must be carefully engineered to take into account the part design and its function in use. Not only will the surface preparation affect the compatibility with the subsequent processes, but it also may impact the durability of the treated parts in terms of corrosion resistance.

Zirblast ceramic beads are specifically recommended when blast cleaning is to be combined with surface preparation. The highly consistent surface texture created by the specific crater-like blasting impacts with Zirblast ensures strongly anchored layers of coating and painting.  

Zirgrit grains are recommended when higher roughness surfaces are expected, along with a consistent texture and stable blasting process.

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High performing and cost-effective ceramic beads blasting

Zirblast ceramic beads efficiently clean undesired oxide layers or remove casting defects while profiling metallic surfaces without contamination. Microblast ceramic beads also are used to clean and smooth metallic surfaces prior to surface polishing processes. The lower roughness imparted by ZirPro ceramic beads helps reduce the cost of the subsequent process operations.