The milling of ceramic oxides, pigments, or compounds for electronics, fine ceramics or specialty inks has a number of features in common. Suspensions are mostly water-based and contain hard and abrasive materials. Contamination is critical and target grinds are precise, ranging from microns to nanometers with tight PSD. In such conditions, wear of beads can be significant and roundness of the beads has to be retained for extended periods.


Saint-Gobain ZirPro supplies high-quality ceramic beads to the ceramic, electronic and specialty inks industries with a full range of grinding media: Zirmil® Y ,TZ5 and Rimax®. Zirmil Y is recognized as the reference for high-demanding and precision milling. ZirPro also offers a unique level of after-sales and technical support.

A proven partner

ZirPro has a long history of serving the ceramic industry through the supply of customized zirconium oxide raw materials. Based on its experience and understanding of process requirements, ZirPro is the partner of choice to supply advanced grinding media to meet the developing requirements for precision wet milling of technical ceramic powders.