Technical Support

Saint-Gobain ZirPro assists customers in the development of their blasting or peening process. ZirPro provides technical support in selecting the most appropriate abrasive ceramic media along with the relevant blasting process to achieve the technical and productivity objectives of customers.


Technical support
ZirPro application labs are located in Saint-Gobain R&D centers, where they benefit from a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical equipment for conducting in-depth characterization of the treated components.
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Customers can count on the support of ZirPro R&D engineers — material science experts with strong backgrounds in industrial blasting processes. propose the most relevant ceramic media for their applications. 

The operating conditions defined in ZirPro application labs are transferable to the industrial processes at customers’ manufacturing operations. To maximize the benefits of ceramic beads and grains, ZirPro’s technical experts also provide assistance with on-site industrial trials as well as analyzing blasting and peening process set- ups.

Tell us what you want to achieve in surface treatment and our ZirLab will help you optimize your blasting process with ZirPro ceramic media.

Zirlab - Saint-Gobain ZirPro

Zirlab - Saint-Gobain ZirPro


Watch our video to learn more about the Zirlab.

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