Zirgrit® F : Zirconium Silicate blasting grains

Zirgrit F are ceramic grits based on a Zirconia – Silica composite, with a unique microstructure that provides optimum toughness and mild abrasiveness for a softer cleaning and smooth satin finish. 

Considering their blasting performance, Zirgrit® F grits can be considered as a compromise between ceramic blasting beads and alumina grains :

  • Compared to ceramic beads like Microblast ®, Zirgrit F provides a specific effect on metallic surface texture, with a mat and dark finish
  • Compared to alumina grits, Zirgrit® F is less aggressive, provides smoother surface finish and preserves integrity of fine geometries, and generates less particle embedment and substrate contamination.

As a consequence, Zirgrit® F grains are well adapted for cosmetic finishing of metallic, glass and polymer substrates, as well as precision cleaning and precision deburring.


  Zirgrit® F
Chemical Composition (wt%) ZrO2 SiO2 AI2O3
60 - 70 28 - 33 <10
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 3.8
Bulk Density (kg/L) 1.8
Vickers Hardness (HV1) 700
Available Sizes Name µm
F120 63 - 125
B170 30 - 90
B205 0 - 63