Zirgrit® AZ & NZ : Alumina Zirconia blasting grains

Zirgrit® AZ and Zirgrit® NZ are Alumina – Zirconia composite grains  manufactured with the Saint-Gobain unique fusion process. Their superior chemistry and microstructure provide higher efficiency and durability, in comparison to traditional blasting materials like fused alumina.

Zirgrit® AZ and Zirgrit® NZ can be used in all blast cleaning applications as a cost-effective solution to traditional blasting grits, thanks to a much longer durability (x3 to x6), a higher consistency in the surface finish with less particle embedment, and a lower quantity of waste material to handle.

Zirgrit® AZ
Zirgrit F

Zirgrit® AZ – Hard and tough blasting grains

The chemical composition of Zirgrit® AZ has been defined in order to achieve improved performance in comparison to fused alumina :

  • Longer durability (x3 to x6)
  • More consistency in Surface Finish
  • Less particle embedment on the blasted substrate
  • No ferrous contamination
Zirgrit AZ shows a much longer durability the standard BFA (x3 to x6 depending on size).
Recovery yield after 5 passes (%)
  Zirgrit® AZ
Chemical Composition (wt%) AI2O3 ZrO2 Others
75 24 <1
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 4.3
Bulk Density (kg/L) 2.2
Available Sizes (mm) From grit size F14 down to grit size F150
Zirgrit® NZ

Zirgrit® NZ – Dense and sharp blasting grains

Thanks to their specific chemical composition and microstructure, Zirgrit® NZ will provide

  • Higher toughness & wear resistance
  • Higher density
  • Sharper grains

These characteristics provide improved performance in wet-blasting processes, with better separation, high and consistent removal rate.

  Zirgrit® NZ
Chemical Composition (wt%) AI2O3 ZrO2 Others
60 40 <1
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 4.7
Bulk Density (kg/L) 2.3
Available Sizes (mm) From grit size F14 down to grit size F150