Ultimil - Tungsten Carbide Milling Beads

Ultimil is the latest innovation of Saint-Gobain ZirPro in the field of milling media.  Ultimil is a ceramic bead based on 100% Tungsten Carbide, fully developed by Saint-Gobain ZirPro. Available in sizes finer than 100µm, its extremely high density and hardness make it the best solution for the nano-milling of hard materials, or the milling of high viscosity slurries, with optimal efficiency.

A breakthrough in milling media

Ultimil defines new standards in high-energy milling applications, thanks to Ultra-high density (15g/cm3), extreme hardness, chemical purity and ultra-fine and narrow size distribution. Ultimil enable to

  • Increase significantly the milling energy and reduce milling times
  • Achieve very fine particle sizes and control the final grind at nanoscale level
  • Minimize wear and avoid contamination: no cobalt and no nickel containing binder


Chemical Composition (wt%) WC (Tungsten Carbide) 100%
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 15
Bulk Density (kg/L) 9
Vickers Hardness (HV1) 2000
Available Sizes (µm)





Ultimil outperforms yttria-stabilized zirconia beads in the production of nano-materials

In the milling of titanium oxide for example, Ultimil mills 4 times faster than YZ beads of the same size, and enables to reach much finer sizes eventually, with lower wear rate.

Graph Utlimil