Zirconium Chemicals

Saint-Gobain ZirPro is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of Zirconium Chemicals:

  • Zirconium basic carbonate (ZBC)
  • Zirconium oxychloride (ZOC)
  • Zirconium sulfate (AZST)
  • Zirconium hydroxide (ZHO)

ZirPro’s Zirconium chemicals offer high purity, precise chemical composition and consistent quality, providing high-performance solutions in a variety of industrial applications such as antiperspirants, paint driers, automotive catalysis, inks and coatings.

Zirconium Basic Carbonate (ZBC): for purity and reactivity

Backed by its strong technical and industrial expertise in zirconium chemistry, ZIrPro developed two grades of ZBC that are the standard in the marketplace. Through an optimized chemical formulation, S-ZBC offers high dissolution ability in mineral and organic acids and alkaline solutions, allowing consistent and cost-effective manufacturing of zirconium-based species used in final applications (hydroxychlorides, octoates, acetates, double carbonates and more).

Specific modifications and adjustments in the manufacturing process of SN-ZBC deliver the highest level of chemical purity to meet the most demanding requirements in applications such as catalysis.


ZrO2 + HfO2


Chemistry (ppm) Reactivity
Cl Na2O SO4 TiO2 Fe2O3 Acids Alkali Solution
S-ZBC 40 500 500 500 10 10 ++ ++
SN-ZBC 40 50 100 200 10 10 ++ -

A complete range of Zirconium Chemicals

In addition to Zirconium Basic Carbonates, ZirPro offers a comprehensive range of high-purity zirconium chemicals for industrial applications:

  • ZOC, zirconium oxychloride (ZrOCl2, 8H2O): ZOC is the first chemical product derived from processing zircon sand ores. It is the starting point for the manufacture of all other zirconium chemicals or high-purity zirconium dioxides and also can be used directly in applications like TiO2 pigment coating.
  • AZST, zirconium sulfate (Zr(SO4)2, 4H2O): Readily soluble in water, AZST is used in coating TiO2 pigments or in the secondary tanning of leather.
  • ZHO, zirconium hydroxide (Zr(OH)4): ZHO is used as a precursor for manufacturing advanced zirconium dioxide powders.



Zr02 + Hf02


CI Na20 Si02 Ti02 Fe203
ZOC 36 - 20 20 5 5
AZST 33 2000 20 30 <20 <20
ZHO 50 <100 <100 <100 <20 <20