In the mining industry, ultra-fine grinding is required to increase recovery yields, liberate trapped grains and create new active surfaces. The stirred mill environment is particularly severe. The minimum requirement of a bead is to be competent and provide a cost-effective, energy-efficient grinding solution. A competent media type must be hard but not abrasive, withstand high impacts and resist the shear wear associated with bead mills.

Saint-Gobain ZirPro has been supplying high-quality ceramic media for more than 40 years. Based on this experience, ZirPro developed Intermil and Minerax, market-leading composite products. Intermil and Minerax are engineered to be chemically resistant and offer outstanding mechanical performance, making them fully competent in the most demanding applications.


Minerax and Intermil : a full range of competent beads

Minerax and Intermil and based on Alumina and Zirconia technology; They cover a large range of density (from 2.8g/cc to 6.1g/cc) and size (from 2.0mm to 10mm), to suit all stirred mill applications.

Intermil beads meet the requirements for attrition milling, whereas Minerax beads are suited to higher energy milling. Both beads have been fully tested and approved, in the majority of precious and base metal applications.

Mining processes are continuous, and mills must operate with a working mix or seasoned charge of media. This requires maintaining a high proportion of effective bead within the charge. Intermil’s and Minerax’s superior wear and mechanical performance are the best choices to address this challenge.