Microshot YZ

Microshot YZ is the latest development of Saint-Gobain ZirPro in the field of Ultrafine Shot Peening. Microshot YZ are fine ceramic beads with very high density and hardness to achieve the highest Almen intensities. They are also used for the surface finishing of hard metallic substrates, to provide the smoothest finish and unique satin effect.

Microshot YZ are fine beads made of a ceramic material which exhibit extreme level of hardness, high density, as well as outstanding toughness.

These material characteristics combined with its unique shot features enable:

  • Excellent energy transfer imparting higher compressive stress compared to steel based peening media, especially at the surface of the metallic substrate
  • Smooth & uniform surface treatment ensuring the structural integrity of the peened components
  • Superior aesthetics in a variety of applications including electronics, automotive, architecture,…


  Microshot YZ
Chemical Composition (wt%) ZrO+Y2O3 Others
>98 >2
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 6.1
Bulk Density (kg/L) 3.8
Vickers Hardness (HV1) 1250
Available Sizes Name µm Name µm
YZ300 250 - 300 YZ50L 20 - 80
YZ200 200 - 250 YZ50 45 - 75
YZ150 150 - 200 YZ30 15 - 35
YZ100 80 - 125 YZ20  
Other sizes available upon request

Outstanding performance in peening of metallic surfaces 

Shot peening with Microshot YZ allows achieving:

  • Higher compressive especially at the surface of the substrate
  • Smooth and homogeneous finish that minimizes crack initiation
  • No particle embedment
  • Durable and stable media even at high peening intensities
  • Easy separation thanks to higher density, especially for ultra-fine sizes (<100µm)
Residual stress
Beads ZirPro for surface treatment

Guaranteed quality and versatility

Microsht YZ is engineered to the highest specifications of advanced ceramic materials and technology. It is a precision product with class-leading physical characteristics and performance, that conforms  the most stringent shot peening standards.