Pigments ceramic tile

Pigments for Ceramic Tile Decoration


The ceramic tile, porcelain and tableware industries are constantly seeking new decoration solutions through colors that offer improved aesthetics and longer life. Zirconium silicate-based synthetic pigments are extensively used in these applications. They offer a large palette of colors when doped with specific elements, like yellow (Pr4+), blue (V5+), coral (Fe2O3), and orange and red (inclusions of Cd-Se-S).


In addition, zirconium silicate pigments are well suited to the high temperature and corrosive environments of glazing operations.Selecting the right zirconium dioxide to synthesize the zirconium silicate pigment is critical. For more than 30 years, Saint-Gobain ZirPro has offered the most comprehensive range of Monoclinic Zirconias (CC, CF and CZ grades) for the manufacturing of zirconium silicate pigments. ZirPro zirconium dioxides enable pigment manufacturers to adjust color shades and achieve the highest and most stable color intensity for standard glazing pigments as well as for ink-jet pigments. 


CC10 Zirconia

ZirPro’s CC10 zirconia is the undisputed reference for pigment manufacturers thanks to its dendritic particle morphology and the consistency of its chemical and physical characteristics, which ensure the highest and most stable color intensity. ZirPro also has developed special zirconium dioxides to meet the requirements of each pigment type by adjusting chemical purity, grain size and reactivity (CF-Premium, CF-Super, CC02 and CZ-5)