Zirshot® HDC

Saint-Gobain ZirPro offers Zirshot® HDC ceramic shot specifically engineered to peen metallic substrates up to the highest levels of Almen intensities. Zirshot HDC enables to shot peen the whole range of metallic alloys including the hardest steels but also titanium, aluminum and superalloys.

In addition, its capability to deliver high energy transfer opens new possibilities for the shaping of thicker components by peen forming.

Zirshot HDC is made of a ceramic material which exhibits extreme level of hardness, high density, as well as outstanding toughness. These material characteristics combined with its unique shot features enable:

  • Excellent energy transfer imparting higher and deeper compressive stress compared to steel based peening media
  • Smooth & uniform surface treatment ensuring the structural integrity of the peened components


  Zirshot HDC
Chemical Composition (wt%) ZrO+ CeO2 Others
>98 <2
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 6.2
Bulk Density (kg/L) 3.8
Vickers Hardness (HV1) 1180
Available Sizes Name µm Name µm
ZC2500 2500 - 2800 ZC1100 1100 - 1400
ZC2000 2000 - 2200 ZC900 900 - 1100
ZC1800 1800 - 2000 ZC600 600 - 800
ZC1400 1400 - 1600 ZC400 400 - 600

Outstanding performance in peening of metallic surfaces 

Shot peening with Zirshot HDC allows achieving:

  • Higher compressive stress up to subsurface layers
  • Smooth and homogeneous finish that minimizes crack initiation
  • No particle embedment
  • Durable and stable media even at high peening intensities

Thanks to its exceptional properties, Zirshot HDC opens new technical capabilities to enhance fatigue strength of metallic parts processed by ceramic shot peening treatments.

Residual Stress Peening
Ceramic Shot

Guaranteed quality and versatility

Because quality of the peening media is a critical parameter that directly impacts the service life of treated components, ZirPro manufactures shot peening media using tightly controlled procedures and specifications, enabling Zirshot HDC to conform to the most stringent aerospace and automotive ceramic shot peening standards.

The versatility of Zirshot product line makes it applicable to all types of shot peening processes ranging from wet pressure to pneumatic pressure or suction to wheel turbine machines including the use of robotized equipment. Technical support is available at ZirPro application labs to assist customers in testing and setting up peening processes to maximize the performance of Zirshot HDC ceramic beads.