Black Zirconia

ColorYZe and UprYZe Black are pigmented zirconia powders for the manufacturing of black ceramics combining aesthetic and strength. Both ColorYZe and UprYZe grades are high purity powders leading to deep black ceramics with outstanding aspect once polished. For enhanced toughness, UprYZe Black is recommended as is composition has been design to optimized mechanical performances.

ColorYZe Black
ColorYZe Black
ColorYZe Black powders are based on high purity Y2O3 doped zirconia using the highest standard of production to ensure continuous supply and consistent quality. ColorYZe zirconia is used for the manufacturing of decorative advanced ceramics combining outstanding color and gloss, high mechanical strength, superior scratch resistance as well as greater durability.


  ColorYZe-Black ColorYZe-Black-G
  Dry Powder Ready-To-Press
Y2O3 (wt%) 5.4
Pigment (wt%) 4.0
AI2O3 (wt%) 1.0
SSA (m²/g) 7

D50 (µm)

0.25 60
Ceramic Density >5.98
Bending Strength (MPa) >900
Fracture Toughness (MPa.m1/2) 5.5
Sintering Recommendation 1450°C - 2hrs
UprYZe Black
Black Zirconia for knives
UprYZe-Black was developed for consumer goods applications. Polished and high gloss colors enhance aesthetical and mechanical performance together with high toughness (similar to UprYZe-Shock). 

Based on a patented engineered composition, UprYZe-Black provides a unique combination of aesthetic and mechanical performance:

  • Deep black color for aesthetic ceramics,
  • Improved impact resistance similar to UprYZe-Shock: +50% vs. regular yttria doped zirconia,
  • Ceramic with high mechanical performance (Toughness of 15MPa.m1/2 , Bending strength of 1000MPa).

UprYZe-Black is proposed either as a dry powder (UprYZe-Black) for injection molding or casting or as ready-to-press granules (UprYZe-Black-G) for uniaxial pressing or CIP.



  UprYZe-Black UprYZe-Black-G
  Dry Powder Ready-To-Press
Y2O3 (wt%) 3.3
Pigment (wt%) 5.0
AI2O3 (wt%) 1.0
SSA (m²/g) 9.5

D50 (µm)

0.2 60
Ceramic Density  >5.99
Bending Strength (MPa) 1000
Fracture Toughness (MPa.m1/2) 15
Hardness (HV0.5) 1250
Sintering Recommendation 1400°C - 2hrs