Technical Support
Product Selection
Customers can count on the support of ZirPro dedicated R&D engineers — chemist and material science experts with strong backgrounds in industrial processes, to propose the most relevant ceramic powder for their applications.
Process Recommendation
Saint-Gobain ZirPro assists customers in the use of zirconia powders with precise recommendation for ceramic processing. ZirPro team also advice customers to adjust these recommendations according to their equipment or specific targeted application.L
Graph technical support
Innovative Testing
ZirPro application labs are located in several Saint-Gobain R&D centers, where they benefit from a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical and mechanical equipment for conducting comprehensive characterization.


Tailor Made Product

ZirPro often works in partnership mode tailoring standard powders’ properties to specific application, or needs. ZirPro application labs are equipped to produce lab and pilot scale sample, transferable to the industrial lines. Tell us what you need in term of powder properties and our ZirPro team will define a dedicated product, providing you with the best-performing ceramic product.