Zirconium Chemicals



Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Food industries share all the same concern in regard to contamination during processing. Formulations can range from viscous pastes to diluted slurries, from relatively coarse materials to nano-sized bio-chemicals, organics or minerals. Meticulous care of the milling process is required with often high-value products. 


Saint-Gobain ZirPro has been supplying high-quality ceramic media to the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Food industries for more than 40 years. ZirPro’s market-leading range of media includes ER120, Rimax® and Zirmil® Y, which are designed to meet the exacting demands of each specific suspension type. A wide range of sizes are available, from 50 µm to 3 mm.

ZirPro’s in-house R&D centers provide the technical expertise needed to guarantee the highest product performance for these varied and complex formulations. After-sales services include full technical support to help ensure problem-free operations.