Technical Support

Saint-Gobain ZirPro has been supplying ceramic media to a broad spectrum of industries for more than 40 years. ZirPro has built a solid reputation for high-performance products, reliability and customer service. ZirPro’s comprehensive customer care philosophy focuses on partnership and collaboration by sharing extensive experience to advise customers on media suitability, used bead conditions and the potential for recycling. ZirPro operates two world-class R&D laboratories in France and China that are equipped with the standard mills used by the industry and provide full analytical services

Technical Support

Bead audits for trouble-free and efficient operations

Performing bead audits on a regular basis is extremely useful to define the condition of beads in the mill. For instance, it is important to monitor the wear profile of beads in a charge, looking at shape, size, surface conditions and potential breakage. A too high content of fine beads will plug the separation system, increase pressure and ultimately damage the mill. In this case, a bead audit will identify the risk and help to prevent disruption and production loss. 

The bead size distribution in the mill varies with time, which impacts process efficiency. Bead audits will help monitor the bead size distribution evolution and define the appropriate maintenance schedule to keep process efficiency. ZirPro’s extensive experience can help uncover potential issues in the milling process, such as mechanical stress, over-filling, elevated temperatures, hydraulic packing or high speeds that have detrimental effects on media.

ZirPro can identify these problems and quickly offer potential solutions.