A piezoelectric material has the ability to change shape when subjected to an electric charge. Conversely, a piezoelectric material is able to generate a charge when it is deformed. Piezoelectric materials are used in applications such as industrial equipment (flow meter, non-destructive testing), automotive (parking sensor, diesel injector), medical (ultrasonography, surgical tool), consumer goods (ink jet printing heads, hard drive) and military (sonobuoy, guidance system). The most commonly used piezoelectric material is Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT), because the customization of PZT chemical composition allows a wide range of properties. Also, PZT parts can be precisely machined and operate at high temperature
Leading Supplier for PZT markets
For more than 20 years, Saint-Gobain ZirPro has been the leading supplier of high-quality zirconium dioxide powders (CS, CF, CZE grades) for the manufacturing of PZT parts. ZirPro monoclinic zirconia powders meet the exacting requirements of demanding industries, including automotive, electronics and the military.  ZirPro’s reactive and pure Monoclinic Zirconia powders (CS, CF and CZE grades) enable the manufacturing of PZT parts with high, reliable and consistent performance. ZirPro follows the highest standards of production to guarantee continuous supply and consistent quality.
Zirconate Titanate