Innovation and Technical Expertise

Saint-Gobain ZirPro has been a global leader in Zirconium based ceramic grinding beads, media for surface treatment and oxide powders for more than 40 years, continuously driven by the willingness to deliver innovative solutions to the market.

Expertise to co-develop with customers

Thanks to a deep knowledge and understanding of Zirconium based ceramic materials and manufacturing processes, along with an in-depth understanding of its customers’ applications,  Saint-Gobain ZirPro has been striving to co-develop the best solutions to meet unique requirements.

Here are a few examples of how our expertise can add value to your application:

  • Milling media: Our knowledge of real-world operations enables us to recommend the most effective type of media based on the material to be grinded and your mill type. We also can recommend mill-operating conditions and help you benchmark the wear of different media. Our expertise does not stop here; learn about our full range of technical support.
  • Zirconium oxides: We can tailor our powders’ properties to your specific application, providing you with the best-performing ceramic product. For more information and support, go to our technical support page.
  • Blasting media: With several different types of blasting machines at our R&D centers, ZirPro has the knowledge to help you obtain desired surface properties by selecting the correct media and the right operating parameters. Read more about our expertise in surface treatment on our technical support page.
R&D Centers
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