Zirpro works in collaboration with its sister company VALOREF, specialized in the valorization of ceramic wastes to offer a fully integrated recycling solution of ceramic beads.

ZirPro is happy to present you its newest video explaining how our products can help you go further, and maximize your battery performances!

You can see the video on our page Battery Materials or on Linkedin:


From November 17th to November 19th 2022, the Asia Coat & Ink Show 2022 was held in Mumbai, India.

Together with our partner Magnus Impex, we were thrilled to be part of this major event, to present our full range of ceramic beads and exchange with our customers and partners !

Zirconia is essential for the production Lithium Batteries Materials. 
Each components of a batterie cell require milling step to reach micronic or sub micronic sizes :

  • LFP materials for Cathode manufacturing
  • Al2O3 for separators materials
  • Carbon Nano Tubes for Conductive additives 
  • LTO or Silicon for Anode manufacturing