Zirblast mould cleaning

Blast Cleaning


Ceramic media blasting is used to clean surfaces of metallic industrial parts and process tools. In processes like descaling, desanding and derusting, ceramic media remove layers of foreign material from metallic substrates. For deburring and deflashing, ceramic media remove excess surface material from machined or molded parts. 


The quality of the blasting media has a critical impact on the efficiency of cleaning and the surface roughness of the treated part. Saint-Gobain ZirPro has decades of experience in supplying high-quality ceramic media. Zirblast®Microblast® and Zirgrit are engineered ceramic media providing  high-performance and cost-effective solutions for industrial blast cleaning. ZirPro also offers a unique level of after-sales and technical support.

Ceramic for superior blast cleaning

Ceramic beads work by hammering the surface to remove unwanted material efficiently while preserving the base material with minimal damage and contamination.

The Zirblast beads show unique physical properties that provide numerous performance advantages. Their hardness, for example, ensures a high energy transfer at the impact point for high-efficiency cleaning. Zirblast beads can be used in blasting machines ranging from air pressure and wet pressure nozzle to wheel turbines.

Finer ceramic beads like Microblast are used for precision cleaning in air suction and direct-pressure blasting equipment. The roundness and smoothness of Microblast beads helps to preserve the surface of treated parts. 

Ceramic angular grits enable heavy-duty cleaning for applications that require a deeper abrasive effect.

The Zirgrit family include different types of ceramic grains with different chemical compositions and microstructures, from Alumina-zirconia to silica-zirconia composites, offering a large range of hardness, toughness and sharpness to optimize your cleaning performance. All the Zirgrit grains are application in pneumatic and wet-basting equipment.

Casted metal part